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Month: May 2016

Why You Need a Professional Web Designer

A website is Your Online Representative


Would you lay the foundation for your new home yourself? Or would you hire someone who knew nothing about interior design to decorate your new home? Most of us wouldn’t. We would hire a professional to insure that we get the best results possible. A professional designer knows how to direct your website to your target audience. First impressions are very important, and if your website represents your company in a professional manner you will gain customers that would otherwise be missed or lost.

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Tips to Improve Your Twitter Influence

followmeKnowing how to write your tweets and when to publish them can increase visibility, boost engagement and drive traffic to your site.

In this article you’ll discover several tips to deliver better tweets.

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Three signs your server is on the brink of failure

Screen-shot-2012-08-15-at-12.56.30-PMServers, like home furnaces, are critical pieces of infrastructure that should work without issue for many years. But eventually they will start struggling, maybe rattling a bit or not working as efficiently as they once did. They might limp along for a while, but one sad day, they go dark. Maybe it’s a quick component fix, or maybe you’ll have to replace the whole dang thing.

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Easy Taxi Bows Out of Kenya and Africa

Easy taxi will bow out of the Kenyan market following investment rivalry with its competitor, Uber taxi. The two onlinetaxi hailing companies share a common easy-taxi-logoinvestor, Goldman  Sachs, and it has emerged that the American Investment company has decided to direct its capital towards Uber Taxi.

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Three Vital Elements Of An Effective Social Media Strategy

effective-social-media-strategy-outline-556x330Social media can be your best opportunity for enhancing relationships and expanding your brand. It can also help you do your job better. The web has become one of the most fertile sources for finding solutions to vexing problems, connecting with resources, building and maintaining relationships, sourcing talent and researching clients, employees and prospects.

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