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Month: September 2012

How to secure a PC or Laptop from Virus Attacks

Once you grab your brand new PC or a laptop; assemble it and connect it to the internet for a business use or for pleasure, then there can be a risk of Virus infection, Malware, Trojans, scams or several other bad things related to hacking. No matter what you name those virus infections, they all are very dangerous for your private data as well as for your computer system!

Some infections are very dangerous and some are less dangerous, but I don’t think you want any part of those virus infections or threats on your computer or a laptop. In this post you will learn some of the most important things that will keep your PC or a laptop secure from several infectious computer viruses, malwares or any other threat that may damage your computer system or your private data. This post is mainly focused on Windows platform because of its high reach and because they are under greatest threat.

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Warning: Your Computer Might Already Have a Virus Before you Buy it

Most of us are reasonably savvy now when it comes to online security.  We try and ensure our passwords are reasonably complex.  We ensure we have good quality virus scanning software installed on our machines.  We’re generally pretty good at spotting a phishing attempt.

One thing we’re probably not aware of though is a new tactic being used by cyber criminals.  The BBC reveal that a growing number of criminals are turning their attentions to PC production lines.  So in other words they’re trying to infect your computer whilst it’s being built, and before it’s even been shipped out to you.

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