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Month: May 2010

Advice on the use of email

  1. Subject:
    Use a meaningful subject line. For example, if you are writing about a problem with a module, put the module code in the subject line along with a few words summarising the problem. If the subject of a thread changes, consider changing the subject line to something more appropriate.
  2. Concise:
    Be concise and to the point. A long rambling email might make sense to you when you write it, but it may confuse the recipient.

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Your Host is Your Foundation

Online business operators have a tendency to forget that the company hosting their store is the foundation of their business and a successful business needs a strong and reliable foundation. When looking for a web host, remember that finding the company with the cheapest price is not the goal. Paying a higher fee for better service and more dependability is ultimately the smartest decision. Conversely, the most expensive company is by no means going to be the best either.

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Email Filter- Is junk mail interrupting your work?

Even today’s most successful enterprises — companies with huge IT staffs and budgets — have been seriously crippled by the deluge of junk e-mail filling up their inboxes. Spam remains an insidious problem striking companies large and small around the globe.

If the very idea of wasting company time deleting junk e-mail makes your blood boil, then it’s time to take action to reduce the amount of spam you and your employees are dealing with. These five tips won’t make spam go away — but they can reduce the amount of downtime you spend attending to it.

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How to choose a web development firm

The world of web design includes a whole spectrum of freelance web designers, freelance web developers, student-run web companies, mid-level niche digital agencies or the high-end web design studios.

The best web design agency in Kenya – or anywhere in the world – should exceed your expectations and create a website for your business that is SEO-friendly, compelling and most importantly, converts customers. Knowing what you want doesn’t always translate into getting what you want.

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